Organic Craft Supplies for Rainy Day Fun

Crafting is good for the soul and feeds your need for creativity.  And if you’re any good at it, crafting can produce beautiful goods to sell or give away as gifts.  Choosing organic craft supplies transforms a healthy habit into something even better.

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Whether you are knitting, sewing, scrapbooking or sketching, there are organic materials available – if you look hard enough.  Specialty art shops may have a better selection, but even big name fabric stores should carry some all-natural products.  And you can always find a vast supply online.

Natural = Organic?

Naturally made is not always good enough.  Crafting with wool, cotton fabrics and dried flowers can be an easy way to do it organically, but do you know where those materials have truly come from?

Watch for certified organic labels on imported goods.  Or better yet, buy your alpaca knitting yarn straight from the source if possible.  Trusted online and in person retailers do their homework and are an excellent source of information.  All you need to do is ask.

Common Organic Craft Supplies

Crafting with kids is truly marvelous with beeswax crayons and organic paint.  How about mohair doll hair?  Stuff that soft toy with organic beans and use natural cotton fabric and thread to create a new best friend.

Can’t live without color?  Never fear.  Organic fabrics, yarn and felt don’t always need to remain au naturel.  Pick up some organic dyes and have a blast with bold hues.  Dyes were always meant to be this way after all and nature provides an impressive supply of the necessities to make your favorite purple, blue, red and yellow come alive.Pin It

Hemp is ever popular for crafting.  As is bamboo and other sustainable, organically grown wood.

Take a look in your own backyard for some close to home organic craft supplies.  Dry flowers and fruit from your perennials for a self-sufficient supply of embellishments.  Gather leaves and seeds from a truly trusted source – your own organic garden.  It can’t get much closer than that and crafting with your own produce and blooms will extend the enjoyment of your beds and plots even more.

With organically made materials you can be assured of the quality from seed to sewing machine – so to speak.  Invest in quality materials and your projects will provide pure, healthy bliss for both the creator and the receiver.

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