Put Your BUTTsOUT! Providing A Little Help With Cigarette Litter

Waste and litter are among the most unappealing features of any human in-habited areas, be it a town, city, or metropolis. People seem to be finding more and more ways to dump their trash, and the taxpayer is the one who feels the burden. Among the most unsightly, cigarette butts have always been a personal anathema of mine. Now, though, there is a solution in sight: BUTTsOUT personal ashtrays.

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On the one hand, cigarette butts, as we know, come from cigarettes, which are already unhealthy and easy to loathe. But on top of that, about one out of every three of the 5.2 trillion cigarettes ends up on the ground – that’s over 1.5 trillion cigarettes. The worst part is that many people incorrectly believe they are ‘biodegradable’; rather, they take up to 12 years to decompose and the filters, made up of a type of acetate, never fully break down.

Needless to say, the environmental threat posed by cigarette butts is real. Besides being unsightly, they have been found in marine life, clogging up the digestive tract. Furthermore, within a hour of contact with water, they can leach cadmium, lead, and arsenic.

There is an alternative, however. BUTTsOUT, designed in Australia and distributed worldwide, is a sleek, easy to conceal personal ashtray. The suitably rounded container is flame retardant, re-usable for up to a year, and withholds most of the smell and smoke.

According to 700 independently run studies in 17 different countries, BUTTsOUT has a success rate of 86.6 percent in reduction of butt litter. The company works hand in hand with local organizations and environmental agencies to place the product in front of as many smokers as possible.

The company draws from its two main front men: Steve Brossman and Vince Murdoch. Brossman is a former environmental planner and has worked extensively with local governments and councils to maximize resources and coordinate effective policy implementation. Steve also works in the sports and fitness industry.

On the other side of the equation, Vince Murdoch devotes his time to researching behavioral change and consumer marketing. Murdoch has also been a leading consultant for organizations and businesses in the oil and gas, banking, and mining sectors.Pin It

Together, the two form an experienced and dedicated think tank for a growing business and environmental solution. Changing the smokers’ behavior is their main goal, and with aggressive promoting alongside state and national coordination, they look to be doing a great job. California has recently launched a joint anti-litter campaign with BUTTsOUT, and hopefully more local governments will follow suit.

All in all, BUTTsOUT provides an excellent solution to an unsafe and unsightly problem in waste management. And to me, while it would be best if people just stopped smoking in general, this will do for now. Besides, this will make for a great stocking stuffer this season or birthday gift for a smoker!

Looking for more information? Visit the BUTTsOUT USA site.

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