ReUsies: The reusable alternative to sandwich/snack bags

News came out of Seattle; April 2010 that a gray whale found dead had approximately 37 plastic bags amongst the contents of his stomach.  Plastic bags are threatening to our ecosystem. In California alone 400 bags are used per second and almost all of them enter our landfills or our marine ecosystem. In an effort to reduce the waste of plastic bags, two Seattle Moms have come out with ReUsies snack and sandwich bags.  When you replace your plastic bags used in lunchboxes with ReUsies you are potentially eliminating 10 plastic bags a day! “Every plastic bag we use will be around for centuries, long after our children outgrow their lunchboxes”.

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Families are not only switching to ReUsies for their waste-free-quality, but many customers primary reason for purchasing ReUsies is to eliminate plastic from coming into direct contact with their food.  ReUsies are made of 100% organic cotton, lined with water-resistant 100% nylon (BPA, Lead and Phthalate fee).  They are available in two ample sizes; snack and sandwich. They also have a truly ingenious Velcro closure that’s kid friendly and ensures that the food won’t fall out. I found the placement of the Velcros allowed you to securely accommodate different amounts of food without the worry of it sneaking out. They are easily hand-washed, dishwasher safe and can even be thrown into the machine wash. You can even purchase a pine drying rack made by the same people who made Tinker Toys (now that takes you back). I found the hand washing and air-drying simple and effective.  If you wash it in the washing machine just be sure to followPin It their easy directions to turn them inside out and secure the Velcro to itself.  And, for those of us who need visuals, they even have a video on the web-site illustrating this.

There is a ReUsie for everyone, they come in numerous fun patterns and colors and are easier to pack than hard plastic containers. They can even be put in a jacket pocket for a take along snack.  A two pack of the ReUsies sandwich bags is $15.90.

Most importantly, the ReUsies Company estimates that their customers used 4 million fewer plastic bags just by switching to ReUsies.

Check out the ReUsies website today and support a business doing their part to reduce our dependence on plastic bags one ReUsie at a time.

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