Simple Principles For Smoother, Healthier Skin

Tired of dry, scaly skin, the feeling of roughness, and ineffective, petroleum based lotions ? Us too. This led us to ask, “How does one get smooth, hydrated skin, but in an all-natural and safe way?” In an attempt to bring together the numerous answers, we’ve synthesized the material and come up with a few of our own tips to help you stay feeling smooth!

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Prep Work

First, we should mention there will always be some “prep work” involved. To “prep” your skin to start feeling and being smooth, first drink plenty of water – the recommended amount of 6-8 glasses should do. Our bodies are around 50-65 percent water, and keeping them in that range is crucial. If we don’t, we’ll slowly start to notice our lips becoming chapped, skin becoming drier, and headaches occurring more frequently.

Next, be sure you are following a solid diet and eating healthy. Make sure you eat plenty of fruits rich with nutrients and antioxidants. Also, be sure you eat or supplement for essential oils and fats. Although fat is usually something we think to avoid in a diet, it is actually crucial for being healthy and contributes to smoother, elastic skin. The idea here is to get a dynamic diet that promotes a well-rounded pool of nutrients. Consider boosting your intake of beta-carotene, Vitamin E, Vitamin C, and selenium. These nutrients all support healthy skin, and if you have trouble working them into your diet, consider a supplement.


After you've done your prep work, it’s important you’re cleansing your skin well. We’ve all heard that dirt, sweat, and make-up can clog our pores, leading to an increased likelihood of unhealthy skin. Because of the importance of getting this stuff off our skin safely, this can mean your cleanser is sometimes more important than your moisturizer.


That’s not to say moisturizing isn’t important, though. Once you’ve cleaned your pores of the dirt, particulate matter, and makeup, you’ll want to then gently massage the best is moisturizer so your skin can continue to grow and be healthy. Now, it’s important to realize that healthy skin comes from each feature we’ve talked about so far, so don’t think getting one good moisturizer will save you from your skin care woes. Instead, think of this as supplementary replenishment.Pin It

A good moisturizer will combine organic, healthy ingredient rich with vitamins. Ideally, you're moisturizer will only have what's needed and not a bunch of
synthetics. Keep an eye on that label! For more information, Healthy Skin Portal offers a lengthy analysis on healthy skin products.


Remember, proper skin care is dynamic in nature. Keep your stress levels down, watch sun exposure, and be sure you are getting enough sleep. A combination of healthy living and awareness will lead to better skin and overall physical and mental health.

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