Solay Wellness: From Salt Lamps to Olive Oil, Everything We Need for Healthy Living

As if it were out of a storybook, Solay Wellness has a beginning that is both inspiring and dramatic. When she was just 29-years-old, Isabella Samovsky founded the company after being inspired by the beauty and simplicity of a Himalayan salt lamp. Soon after, Samovsky began researching the magic behind minerals and natural salt, a journey which eventually led her to pursue her own pure and natural living venture, hoping bring her same realization to other people.

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Today, Solay Wellness offers entire lines of health and wellness products, cookware, and beauty and skin care needs. Much of it being inspired by the founder’s own experience, Solay has some of the most innovative and unique approaches to utilizing salt's natural energy and healing properties. They have a wide selection of salt inhalers, lamps, salt therapy pillows, and even energy pendants, which are beautifully wrapped in silver and copper wire unique to the stone. Truly, Solay offers a comprehensive approach to salt therapy, even offering Himalayan salt for cooking.

That said, any cooks in the crowd? Well prepare to be blown away. Solay has a huge variety of gourmet cookware, all of which is designed and developed with the principles of organics and fair trade. Whether its coffee, caramels, or clay cooking gear, Solay seems to have it all. I was especially drawn to the Extra Virgin Olive oil Solay offers, which is grown organically in Greek, specifically on the Peloponnese Peninsula. In it, they only use Koroneiki olives, a legendary strain unique to Greece herself. Solay also has cooking needs for raw foodists, as well as anyone who needs an immune boosting cup of tea!

Coming back to basics, Solay has some similarly great products available for skin and body care. Most of their lotions are 85 percent organic, vegan, and packed with vital nutrients and moisturizers. (Trust us, after trying some of Solay’s products, you won’t find the need to pick up that oily, chemical alternative from your local grocery megastore.) Solay, however, has much more to offer  – something we’ve begun to expect from them – providing excellent cleansers, bath soaks (which are phenomenal), toners, basic soaps, and hair and oral care.

After making my way through the site, reading about each product, and remembering the story of how it all got started, I grew both optimistic and proud. It’s great that someone is able to pursue their dreams, and it’s even better that the dream involves helping other people. Solay Wellness is a great example of how to operate a health and wellness business, as well as how to develop and support the philosophy behind it.Pin It

Then again, Solay Wellness had to do something much more than just provide healthy, high-quality products. Isabella saw the need for a company committed to fair and socially responsible business practices, sustainability, and community interconnectedness. It is in this spirit that the company runs, promoting healthy living, while at the same time supporting other small businesses, non-profits, and the communities that make it all possible.

While I have yet to try each one of Solay’s products, I feel confident in suggesting them to friends and family. The minds behind the company are inspiring, the products themselves are wonderful, and, most importantly, the vision and mission of the company is attuned to what really matters in the world. And for that, we say thank you, Solay!

Interested in finding out more on Solay's great products? Check out their website: Solay Wellness

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