Teeccino, The Healthy Coffee Alternative!

Teeccino Organic Coffee AlternativeTeeccino is a unique beverage made up of an organic blend of herbs, grains, fruit and nuts, that’s good for you!

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It can be served hot or cold over ice.  With or without milk or add touch of sweetener, a versatile beverage any time of the day because it contains no caffeine!

It is touted as a caffeine free herbal alternative to coffee.  Many reviewers claim that Teeccino’s rich taste has allowed them to successfully “kick” the caffeine habit by replacing coffee with a healthier alternative.Pin It

Teeccino not only is available in many rich flavors, like Amaretto, Vanilla Nut, Hazelnut, Java, Original, Mocha, and Chocolate Mint, it also contributes to a healthy lifestyle.    It is non-acidic and can help restore alkaline balance.  It contains the prebiotic, inulin which can improve digestion and intestinal health.  It also contains potassium which is known to be heart healthy.

Teeccino‘s many flavors can be enjoyed hot or cold over ice.  It is prepared much in the same way as coffee using a drip coffee maker, filter cone, French press or espresso machine.

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