The Herbal Teas That Could Heal Common Complaints

Look on the counter of any local drug store and you are sure to see a large number of products that offer to heal or at least deal with common physical complaints. If your stomach isn’t feeling well, there’s a medication you can take.

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If your skin is starting to look splotchy or tends to be itchy, there is a lotion for that. But what if you could take advantage of a hot glass of tea every day that could address some of these common complaints?

What if you had a natural alternative to these concerns that might just help without the addition of a lot of chemicals commonly found in medications? Check out these herbal teas that could make a real difference for you and your family.


Chamomile tea is probably one of the most well-known herbal remedies for several different concerns. Ever had a stomach ache that leaves you feeling unsettled and uncomfortable? You’ve probably heard someone recommend chamomile tea but never took it seriously.

However, because it works to increase levels of an amino acid called glycine, it can actually work to reduce spasms in the stomach. In addition to dealing with tummy troubles, it is also known for having a calming effect, helping you to relax at the end of stressful day.

Amazingly enough, those aren’t the only benefits of chamomile tea. You can also drink it to help with a cold, a cough, or even a fever. Ideally, you need to make sure to steep the tea well, ensuring that you get all of the medicinal value before taking that first sip.


Another great solution for stomachaches as well as nausea is ginger tea. Whether your tummy just doesn’t feel right or you’re struggling with vomiting, a hot glass of ginger tea will come to the rescue.

Those struggling with motion sickness often turn to ginger to help their stomachs stop turning as they move. Many pregnant women also rave about the effects that ginger has on their morning sickness.

To maximize the benefits, place ginger root in water on the stove, and heat it up for around 10-15 minutes. If you are trying to deal with a cold, you can get even more benefits from your ginger tea by adding a little bit of fresh lemon juice and honey. This works to give you a germ-fighting drink that will help you feel better quickly.


Most people think of tea and picture a dark mass of water that isn’t always appealing to ingest. Hibiscus completely changes that, turning water into something bright and appetizing. Known to be good for the blood, hibiscus can help you lower your blood pressure and reduce hypertension.

For many, this is a great alternative to try before committing to long-term medications that often have negative side effects.

The tea can also help you bring down high cholesterol. If you are looking for a boost for your immune system, consider enjoying a mug of hibiscus herbal tea regularly. Because it is high in vitamin C, it works to help your immune system do its best.

In addition to all of these other benefits, this herbal tea also offers antioxidants. This means that with every sip, you are working to get rid of some of the cell-damaging radicals that often negatively affect the body.


During certain times of the year, everyone seems to be dealing with issues surrounding their respiratory system. Some are struggling with phlegm that keeps them up at night and causes a constant cough. Others may have a sore throat or feel the constant need to cough.

Instead of suffering, though, consider fixing up a glass of licorice tea to help combat these symptoms. It works as a natural expectorant.

What does this mean for you? Instead of fighting the phlegm, it helps you to get it up and out, clearing up your throat and lungs and giving you some relief. Its support of the respiratory system can really come in handy when you find yourself struggling in the middle of the night.

Those with asthma often count on this herbal tea to find relief in dealing with symptoms common to the condition. If you’ve got any type of respiratory concern or a chest infection, choose licorice tea to help calm and soothe your body.


If you tend to be picky about your taste in tea, you’ll be pleased to know that oolong tea is often described as being a pleasant balance between green and black tea. Filled with antioxidants, the tea works to fight free radicals that damage cells, much like hibiscus tea.

It helps with everything from digestion to cholesterol and can even have a positive impact on your skin. But most people turn to oolong tea because of its ability to aid in weight loss, one of the most common complaints of men and women.

Working to boost your metabolism, it blocks some of the enzymes that build fat. With each sip, you can help our body use up the stored fat in the body as part of its fuel source, helping you to shed unwanted pounds.


It can be awkward to head to the store looking for a medication that can help you deal with gas and bloating. But what if you had a solution on hand at home that tastes great and doesn’t advertise your stomach concerns?

Peppermint tea is the ideal solution for these issues. It does several things at one time, working to get rid of the gas building up in the stomach, decreasing indigestion, and helping with your overall digestion.

Many people that have been diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome use peppermint tea to help deal with their symptoms. Outside of the stomach concerns, peppermint tea often aids in the reduction of stress and can heat up the body, causing it to sweat.

In addition to its benefits for the body, many people love the taste of the tea and don’t mind that the peppermint tends to add a little bit of breath freshening along the way.


From acne to eczema, skin conditions can cause a person to hide out at home, not wanting to show their face around. But rooibos tea, filled with alpha hydroxy acid, is actually good for your complexion.

Healthy skin often starts within the body, making a hot mug of rooibos tea the perfect solution. In addition to helping with skin concerns, the tea has more antioxidants than green tea, making it great for preventing illnesses and getting rid of those pesky free radicals.

There are signs that the tea can work to improve the strength of bones and teeth while helping to ease digestive issues. For many, this one tea easily takes over for several different over the counter medications commonly found in the stores. It gives the body a much-needed boost and helps heal several common complaints.

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