Villainess Soaps Unique Facial Masks

Villainess Soaps offer a unique range of suds and scrubs.  I’ve used their facial masks for quite some time, and have always been pleased with them.  Several of the ingredients are actually good enough to eat!

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The two latest additions to the Villainess Mud range are masterful.  Presented in dry powdered form, these little beauties are preservative free treats for the senses.  Really cool packaging with what might be described as an old West saloon type of a vibe.

The first thing I noticed about the Crushed Mud is the scent~ lashings of deep dark chocolate and tart red raspberries assaulted my olfactory senses before I even get it on my face.  Smells good enough to eat.  This stuff is fun in the tub, I’ll tell ya.  Gooey as cake batter, cooling and soothing, it’s like smooshing a bar of melted chocolate on your skin.  This mask leaves skin Pin Itsilky smooth and soft.  Contains real raspberries, cocoa, and vanilla.  Points here for being a dark facial mask that doesn’t stain my lily white skin.

Embargo Mud is the best smelling facial mask I have ever used~ hands down~ and I’ve used a lot of masks.  Villainess has achieved an authentic carnation aroma with an amalgam of patchouli, clove, ylang ylang, and rose.  The instant I applied this mask, I was transported into a state of intense relaxation.  This is what I want to smell on my face always.  The texture is really fun~ nice and scrubby, thanx to the inclusion of rhassoul and herbs.  Think of this one as a combo facial scrub and mask.  Leaves skin smooth and fragrant.

Take a look at this site~ you’ll want just about everything!  Alas, I am unable to review most all of their yummy offerings, as they are peppered with synthetic fragrance (what are you gonna do?), but perhaps if we whine real loud, pout, and stamp our feet enough Villainess will formulate more lovely 100% natural products for us crunchy girls.:)

Villainess Soaps

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