WeWood Watches: Buy a Watch, Plant a Tree

“Eco-luxury” can be both positive and negative, depending on the practice of the company and the quality of the product. Ethically, a company must justify its work as something much more than just fashion if it wants to claim the title of environmentally conscious. WeWood Watch, a company born in Florence, manages to do just that, promising a tree planted for every watch sold and an all natural product that is high-quality and all around an eco-safe choice.

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Using the Triple Bottom Line to Define WeWood

The Triple Bottom Line can be best thought of as a criterion of values, as well as the priority of those values; specifically, the Triple Bottom Line speaks to people, planet, and profit. Essentially, on top of business working toward the pursuit of profit, it must also factor in social and environmental performance. Both society and the planet, as the philosophy holds, should warrant serious consideration in any company. Let’s see how WeWood stands:


Perhaps the best thing about WeWood Watches is that they are atoxic, anallergic, and 100 percent natural, making them a healthy choice as natural as the wrists they are worn on. In regards to the conduct of business and its effect on society, WeWood prides itself on hiring skilled specialists and enthused timepiece makers and designers. The company, thus, does not aim at exploiting any workgroup; rather, it hopes to harness the skill and drive of these laborers to provide a great product to as many people as possible.


WeWood Watches are made up of 100 percent natural wood. They are 100 percent recyclable and are as eco-friendly as the company can make them. In addition, whenever possible, WeWood uses tree waste to manufacture their watches, saving money on production cost and saving trees from being cut down. The best part about the company, however, is the fact that they pay for a tree to be planted with every sale of a watch. Currently, they are working with American Forests to replant trees in the Los Padres Conifer Forest, which recently suffered huge losses due to forest fires.


The one shade of bad news for consumers is that these watches can be a bit expensive, with a price tag of over $100 online. Then again, that’s good news for the business, which is, after all, a business. WeWood Watches are sleek and fashionable, symbolizing a breakthrough in eco-luxury, specifically one that has the bite to back up its bark. Usually, I wouldn’t support a wPin Itebsite or product that prides itself on its level of ‘eco-chic’, but the fact that the product is great and the mission is honorable manages to place WeWood on a different level. So, while the company increases its profits, the amount of trees increase as well as the number of all natural, recyclable, and healthy products for consumers.

Check them out!

All that is left to do now is check them out for yourself. I was lucky enough to be gifted one for the holidays, and to be very honest, I have yet to take it off. Together, sporting my green and black Formalitee with a black WeWood Watch has made me feel like I am supporting some good causes, as well as spreading awareness (everyone asks about both). So while it may be for fashion’s sake for some of us, it nevertheless satisfies the need for proper social responsibility on behalf of the company.

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