Discover The True Cause Of Diabetes Today

Diabetes mellitus is usually referred to as Diabetes or DM.  DM is a metabolic disease characterized by abnormally high fasting blood sugar levels.

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This can have one of two root causes; first, if the body not producing enough insulin, or secondly, because cells are not responding to the insulin that is produced (insulin resistance). This high blood sugar gives rise to frequent urination, increased thirst and increased hunger.  Ultimately, the body has too much sugar, but not in the right place (in the blood stream rather than in the cells).

Here are the facts.  Diabetes affects 25.8 million people of all ages which is about 8.3 percent of the U.S. population.  18.8 million people have been diagnosed with diabetes while over 7 million people have diabetes and have not been diagnosed.  These numbers are staggering and TRUE!

Now to get to the question.  What is the true CAUSE?

I will be limiting the answer to Type 2 Diabetes (DMII) as it comprising the majority of medical diagnoses.  The main problem that I see clinically is related to diet and lifestyle choices and NOT genetic causes.  This is means that it is a PREVENTABLE disease.  High sugar, high carbohydrate diets rich in processed foods are the main cause coupled with the inability to respond rather than react to stressful events in the environment.

When we take in these high sugar foods (esp. high fructose corn syrup), the blood sugar rises which triggers insulin secretion by the pancreas.  Insulin is involved with transporting gluc
ose into the cells where it is used for energy production (ATP).  If the blood sugar is too high for too long due to an individual eating meals and/or snacks high in sugar, the bPin Itody will secrete more insulin and the cells ultimately become resistant to the amount of insulin.  In time, the cells will not respond or will become desensitized to insulin.  This is known as Insulin Resistance and is the precursor for diabetes and a large contributor to the Obesity Epidemic that we face today in the United States.  DMII occurs when the body can no longer compensate effectively to the intake of high sugar foods.

DMII can lead to a host of more serious and chronic diseases.

Prevention is the best medicine.


Limit the consumption of sugar and/or processed foods.

Your body will thank you for it.

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