What Time Does America Go To Bed?

How are you sleeping? New research from consumer technology firm Jawbone suggests that it may depend on which part of the States in which you live.

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There’s a whopping ninety-minute difference in the average bedtime of folks in certain cities of Arizona and those in New York; and still, New Yorkers actually hit the sack earlier than those in other major international cities such as Seoul or London.

Yet the total amount of sleep enjoyed by US citizens is remarkably consistent – and a little worrying. As a nation, we are mostly getting the bare minimum recommended sleep period of around seven hours each. In fact, adults between the ages of 18 and 65 are suggested to get seven to nine hours each night.

The disparity in this recommendation accounts for our personal needs – seven hours is fine for one person while another may struggle through the day on anything less than eight or nine.

If you find that you’re amongst those who aren’t getting as much as they need, it’s possible to improve the quality of your rest without resorting to pharmaceutical solutions. You can take the edge off your energy-saving light bulb – their bluish light can disturb our circadian rhythms – by using deeper-colored lampshades.

Lavender pouches are a beautiful natural way to scent your linen and also to promote relaxation.

Houseplants are very relaxing to be around, and also good for purifying the air: better breathing promotes better sleeping.

Wherever you live in the States or wider world, carefully managing your sleep environment will promote better rest and feelings of wellbeing in general. For more insight into how those sleep patterns vary across the US, check out this infographic below. There's also some ideas on how to get your bedroom ready a good night’s rest.




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