Start Your Spring Revival

“If we had no winter, the spring would not be so pleasant.”
Anne Bradstreet

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In a welcome shift of seasons, we begin to shake off winter’s heavy and weathered boughs to receive the gifts of spring renewal. Every year there seems to be talk of spring cleaning, but there is much more to be explored in this time of cleansing than the dust bunnies underneath your bed. Use this period of transformation to dig deeply beneath the surface and enrich the layers of your soul.

Approach your own spring revival by giving attention to the aspects of your life that may feel dense or dull from the cold winter months. Your living space, relationships, health, motivation and creativity are all pieces of your life that can become buried beneath piles of unnecessary clutter. From the time the autumn leaves fall to the beginning of the spring thaw, we accumulate things as a way to create warmth in our lives.

Inward retreat and slower movement is natural in the winter, but as days begin to get longer and the weather becomes more temperate, we desire the same need for fresh light and deep nourishment to break open new seeds of growth. Give your mind, body and soul subsistence and clarity to move with grace into the next season of you life.

Clear Your Space

Start to shed your winter layers in the classic form of spring cleaning. First cut through the dust and dirt, but make sure you use environmentally conscious cleaning products. Once you have given your home and work space the deep clean, take time to go through your stuff and get rid of what you don’t need. This is almost always easier said than done, but the more you rid yourself of excess materials, the more space you will make for growth.

Clear Your Head

Take a break from anything in your life that is causing you stress or worry. The warmth and vibrant colors of a spring scene may be just what you need to find a fresh perspective. If you can get away for an afternoon, pack a picnic and a journal so you can take the time to reflect on the past year and write down what is on your mind. Write about what has made you happy, as well as the things that you want to change or give more attention to in this new season.

Cleanse Your Body

The foods of spring are much lighter than those of winter. The body tends to conserve more energy during the colder months, so you may be feeling the weight of heavier foods and reduced movement from the past few months. Think about your spring revival as a fresh start for you body. If you have neglected exercise in the past few months, start by taking walks or starting a yoga practice to get your body moving again. Fill your diet with rich leafy greens, lean protein and fresh fruits to nourish and sustain your body.

Cleanse Your Soul

Your soul is the most intricate piece of your existence, making it the most complex piece to revitalize. Unlike a messy house, you cannot see the clutter that sits in your soul. It’s a weight that cannot be measured, but a heavy soul ties cement to your feet and puts your head in a fog.

Once you feel like you have made progress in cleansing your space, mind and body, think about going deeper beneath the surface. Look closely at your relationships, your environments, your inspirations, your happiness. Ask yourself if you are living the life you want to be living. Ask yourself if you are listening to your soul speak. Don’t let the answered be muffled—cleaPin Itr the way for a cathartic transformation.

Through many changing seasons your soul will evolve, but you must have compassion and patience with yourself to move through these transformations. People, places and experiences will help your soul grow, but the only thing in life that will allow it to flourish is the commitment you have to yourself. Your soul is what fuels your essence—a life-long journey to find what fulfills you and brings you a sense of purpose.

Let go of the pieces of your life that lack enrichment. Nurture the seeds that serve you, and release the rest into the wind.

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