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Is it hard to eat all organic food?

Written by Jesse Richardson on April 03, 2011 with 4 Comments

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Let’s get a discussion started:

How hard is it for you to eat all organic food? Do you find that it simply isn’t available, or is it that it’s too expensive in some areas? What do you sacrifice to eat organic? On the flip side, maybe you find it simple and attainable?

We’d like to hear your stories!


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  1. it is hard to eat all organic. Over time, I have transitioned nearly everything in my own kitchen, but it is still hard when visiting friends or family or going out to restaurants…particularly for work-related meetings or events. I try to plan ahead and stash snacks so I can pass over some things I would prefer not to eat, but I don’t always know in advance when I need to be prepared.

    I think it can also be costly, but I have been working hard to find balance between quality and budget.

  2. It is hard to transition, but eventually becomes second nature. It is definitely more expensive, but good meal planning and buying produce that’s in season and on sale helps. I still eat non-organics away from home, but at home we have switched to at least 95% organic. Even though it’s been expensive I have found it to be totally worth it in terms of my own and my family’s health. I’ve lost 70lbs in two years, and we’ve been able to take my oldest daughter off multiple asthma meds since changing our eating habits.

  3. It hasn’t been too hard for us. Organic food is more expensive, but I just eat less and make most things from scratch, organic convenience foods are not in our food budget at all. I feed two people for about $350 a month.

  4. Yes it is definitely hard to eat organic. For me, it’s mainly the price. If i could afford it I would eat buy organic everything. It’s also hard when going out to eat and if I am going over other people’s houses I bring my own snacks and my own food, now it has become habit.

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