Cafe Gratitude’s I Am Grateful – Recipes and Lifestyle Book

One of the complaints heard most often regarding the raw food diet is that it can get boring and bland. So many raw foodies get caught up eating simple salads and miss the enjoyment of preparing a fun and inventive meal.

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Does that describe how you feel? If so, you should check out the recipes brought to you by the Gratitude Cafe in San Francisco in “I Am Grateful”.  They've published a raw food book that showcases some of the amazing and creative dishes that has made their restaurants in the San Francisco area so popular.

The book begins with a discussion of live organic foods and how the authors came to discover their delicious nutrition.  This story in itself is reason enough to purchase the book. The writing style is very honest and inspirational. The book then moves into recipes broken down into categories, each titled with lovely expressions such as “I Am Loving and Accepting” (Appetizers and Side Dishes) to “I am Abundant” (Delicious Desserts and Sweets).

The book finishes off with 4 additional charmingly titled sections “I Am Equipped” (Equipment Guide), “I Am Technical” (Some Helpful Techniques), “I Am Resourceful” (A Source Guide for Equipment, Live Foods, and Education), and “I Am Organized” (the Index).Pin It

Some recipe examples include “I Am Complete”, a coconut ceviche, “I Am Whole”, a grain-based dish,  or “I Am Creative”, a pumpkin pie!  Unlike other raw food books, “I Am Grateful” features recipes that use unique techniques to keep the foods living and uncooked.

An example is using root vegetables and flavorings to create a raw “veggie rice”.  They also offer alternatives for those that want to add cooked grains in the recipe for a little diversity.  For their more unique ingredients such as Irish moss, they offer the “I Am Resourceful” section with links and information about where ingredients can be obtained.

While some of the recipes are a bit on the complicated side, the final product is to die for. This is the perfect recipe book (or UN-cookbook!) for any foodie to add to their collection, whether you're a die-hard raw food eater or just raw-curious.

I Am Grateful: Recipes and Lifestyle of Cafe Gratitude

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