Eating Raw With Living Nutz

I’m always on the search for a convenient, nourishing snack to nibble on throughout the day. Succeeding in this can be a challenge, and at many times I’m reluctant to reach for raw nuts despite their ease and variety. You may ask yourself, why fear such tasty and plentiful culinary companions? The answer lies in getting the most out of your munchies.

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While many foods, trail mix especially, contain healthy nuts like almonds and cashews, the true potential behind the snack is not fully realized. This eerie fact is what lurks in the back of my mind; I am aware of information about how nuts contain enzyme inhibitors, and that I’m not receiving all the benefits I could from the nuts unless I soak them. Indeed, soaking nuts is a means of unleashing true nutrition.

According to experts, by soaking nuts or seeds, you release the powerful toxic enzyme inhibitors. It is hoped that, through this process, one can simultaneously increase the life and vitality contained within the food. For any raw foodists, you have undoubtedly come across recipes and methods of doing so in your cookbooks. For any one else, this prospect of soaking nuts can seem time consuming, perhaps difficult, and all around inconvenient – robbing the snack of one of its best perks.

Alas, however, there is an alternative.

Recently, I was introduced to a brilliant product that addresses these concerns.  The company is ‘Living Nutz’ and they have provided a nutritious snack in an amazing array of flavors.  But, most importantly, they have done germination (soaking) and dehydrating for you!

First, it may be best to review more about the importance of germination for raw nuts.  To germinate, one must soak the nuts for at least 12 hours, and by doing so, all the proteins, vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids are activated. Through germination toxins and acids in the nut, which interfere with digestion, are subsequently broken down making the raw nuts easier to digest and increase the availability of vitamins and minerals. Living Nutz streamlines this process for consumers.

After germination, Living Nutz adds organic ingredients to flavor the nuts, followed by a dehydration that lasts up to five days.  This conscientious process preserves all the vital enzymes and minerals keeping the nuts “raw”.  Of course, the benefits of eating raw, living foods are boundless!

Now for the taste; they are incredible!  None of the products I sampled were over flavored or over powering. For example, the Vegan Cheezy Almonds contained the perfect aPin Itmount of natural flavoring, and they weren’t too intense for continued munching!  In fact, I was thrilled with all the products. The Absolute Chi Teriyaki Almonds and Celestial Cina-Pecan were great.

Living Nutz offers healthy, great tasting products. They offer over 14 different varieties of snacks with an equally varied selection of nuts, including almonds, pecans, pistachios and walnuts. The flavors are also accommodating to adventurous eaters; they range from anywhere from sweet to spicy, and from Italian to Tahitian.

Living Nutz provides the perfect raw food; you get protein, vitamins, mineral, and essential fatty acids all in a convenient package!  But be careful, they are addictive!

Check out and order directly from their online store for a significant discount!

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