How To Pimp Up A Glass Of Water

Water is the most natural, ethical and abundant drink we can lay our hands on, and our minds and bodies know it. Drinking water aids our cognition, although whether that’s because of the benefits it brings the brain or it just mutes the distracting feeling of thirst is not yet clear.

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It helps suppress our appetite, so it’s great to drink it 30 minutes before a meal if you’re trying to lose weight. And it keeps our skin looking and feeling soft and hydrated. But if our minds and bodies know it, our taste buds don’t. For many, drinking water is a chore or just something they don’t bother with at all. It’s a shame because we’re truly privileged in the west to have such easy access to this most elemental fluid.

Drinking from the tap is good for the environment, cutting out the energy that’s squandered on farming, mixing, packaging and distributing canned and bottled drinks. Fortunately, there are plenty of affordable, ethical and delicious ways to make that refresher more palatable. The secret is in your garden, or in your window box, or at the local greengrocer. You can squeeze, mash, slice and otherwise utilize fruit and spices to add an original spin to the 6-8 glasses of water you’re recommended to drink each day.

For example, collect a basket of peaches and slice them into a liter of water and add a sprig of mint for the perfect after dinner alcohol-free digestif. Peach is packed with 10 different vitamins and plenty of fiber to aid your digestion, while the mint is a natural stimulant that can help ward off that post- meal slump. Plus, it’ll hold a lot less calories and chemicals than a glass of wine or a creamy coffee.

Jalapeños are easy to grow, and pairing them up seeded and sliced with a couple of sliced strawberries will make for a water jug that’ll warm your body and soul on a chilly fall morning. It’s not too tough to cultivate those strawberries in a window pot either – so you don’t even have to leave the house to make this winter warmer.

Your gray cells are probably already buzzing with ways to spice up your water with whatever else you have around the house, but for a few more hints, check out this new infographic with recipes for all times and occasions. It won’t take too much to convince those taste buds that water is worth their time.


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