Raw Cane Juice – Nature’s Sweetest Medicine?

Drinking raw cane juice is an exciting new trend for those seeking a miracle health drink, but is it really that good for you?  There seems to be some debate over this issue. Health claims range from its ability to energize the body while having a low glycemic index to preventing prostate and breast cancer.

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While not all of these claims can be backed up by studies, the trend is growing and raw cane juice is popping up at farmers markets and health food stores throughout the country, especially in health-centric Southern California!

What is raw cane juice?  It is the juice pressed from sugar cane, which is a grass similar to bamboo. It is rich in minerals, low in sucrose, and high in chlorophyll.  The benefit that business owner Rey Koo touts in his marketing is the cleansing and detoxifying abilities the juice has. Rey Koo owns Raw Cane Super Juice (sugarcanejuice.org) which has a storefront location in Los Angeles as well as booths at many local farmers markets.

The fiber and the plentiful minerals are what allow the juice to be so effective and allows the body to regulate its pH and cleanse itself. The company offers the juice on its own, as well as a part of a Master Cleanse series.

An article published in June for the LA Times quoted Roger Clemens, adjunct professor of pharmacology and pharmaceutical sciences at USC, on the topic. “There’s a difference between nutritionally rich and calorically rich,” Clemens said. “[But] the bottom line is there isn’t any scientific evidence to support these purported claims.”Pin It

On the other hand, according to an article recently published in The Journal of Biological Chemistry, the use of raw cane juice in guinea pigs actually reversed the effects of arthritis.

Raw cane juice can also be a substitute for sugared drinks in your diet, such as sodas. It is sweet and refreshing. It also provides a boost of energy without loading you up on sucrose, so you won’t crash shortly after consumption.

You can also add it as a mild sweetener to your favorite smoothie or your morning latte for a unique and delicious way to start your day.  This sweet treat also has a long history as cultures throughout the world, from India to Central America, have used it for centuries.

With scientific evidence supporting it or not, the people have spoken and raw cane juice is here to stay.

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