The Spiritual, Soothing Nature Of Knitting

I started knitting in my thirties with other mothers my age, as our young children played.  Life was good.  Knitting was social and fun: a chance to get together. The importance of this simple get together to knit had far reaching purposes.

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None of us knew how our lives would take a turn and knitting would become much more fun!  For me, it became survival, a way to center myself during a time of great loss.  Knitting can have many purposes at different times of our life.

My life took a tragic turn, when my husband suddenly died leaving me alone with our three children to raise. I was completely lost. My thoughts were scattered, my heart devastated, and I was fearful of my future. I instinctively reached for my large bamboo needles, some natural merino wool yarn, and began knitting hat after hat.

My hands were active instead of my mind. I felt I was doing something when I couldn’t focus on “what I should do next”.  Knitting was comforting, peaceful, simple, and almost magical.  My thoughts were in the moment; I was still.

The group began as a “fun” time to get together and learn a new craft with other mothers. Then, after this tragic event, I took the newly learned craft of knitting to help calm my mind to help me maintain a degree of sanity. It was a way to become peaceful, reflective, still, and even a means to get closer to God.   “Be still and know I am God”.

Many knitters talk about the soothing effect knitting has on their life. Psychologists and biofeedback specialists discuss the calming effects of knitting and how it can be a useful meditative/ spiritual tool. Knitting has been cited as improving concentration, lowering blood pressure and heart rate, and improving one’s immune function. Knitting engages your whole braiPin Itn. The right, creative side enjoys experimenting with colors, the all important tactile experience of the bamboo needles and the incredible variety of yarns. The left, analytical side keeps busy by following the myriad of pattern instructions.

As our lives weave on their own windy roads, keep your bag handy with smooth bamboo needles and a beautiful skein of yarn for when you just need some centering peace. Everyone could use a simple hand knit scarf or hat!

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