Wholesome Sweeteners: Sweetening The World With Fair Trade Practices And Delicious Products

Finding a company that supports non-GMO, organic, and fair trade while providing delicious sweeteners for your coffee, tea, or baked goods, can be a difficult task. The market is loaded with processed goods and there seems to be a lack of information regarding where our food is coming from.

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One company though has taken a step forward for the food conscious and is providing us with a wonderful option for sugars and other sweetening products: Wholesome Sweeteners.

Wholesome Sweeteners, a relatively young establishment that was brought about as a joint venture between Imperial Sugar Incorporated, one of the largest US sugar companies, and Edward Billington & Son. Billington, is Europe’s leading importer of natural and organic unrefined sugars and was the first company back in 1992 to offer certified organic sugar.

In addition to bringing high-quality, organic, and unrefined sweeteners to the marketplace, they also are contributing and setting the standards for the organic sweetener industry. They created the certification process for Fair Trade Certified sugars and honey that all companies in this field now have to follow. Despite increased competition, they are still the leaders in organic and natural sugars, syrups, and nectars in the Fair Trade Certified category.

What does fair trade mean to Wholesome Sweeteners and to you, the consumer? It means that the farmer who produces your product gets a fair price and improved labor coPin Itnditions. Your purchase also goes toward democratic and transparent organizations, community development, and environmental sustainability. Whenever possible, Wholesome Sweeteners participates in direct trade, eliminating the middleman importers and paying farmers directly. As a consumer, you end up getting a higher quality product that was sustainably grown, organic, and non-GMO.

Some of the products that Wholesome Sweeteners offer are agave nectars (flavored, organic, and raw), fair trade organic honey (raw and regular), a zero calorie/zero glycemic index organic sugar substitute, fair trade organic sugars (raw, sucanat, brown, powdered, and regular), fair trade organic molasses, and organic light corn syrup, to name a few.  These products give consumers from all walks of life the options they need to use sweetener that is not only wonderful tasting, but also good for the earth and the people that provide us with these sustainable and delicious products.

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