Essential Organic Houseware for a Healthier Home

Creating a home that nurtures your soul as well as the environment should be a top priority for many across the globe.  But what you have in the fridge is not the only thing that can be truly organic.  From furnishings to linen and cleaning products, your home can be overflowing with healthy goodness. (See 10 Reasons Why Going Organic Makes a Difference)

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Linens and Things

Organic fabric is made from cotton and other materials grown as naturally as possible and in a highly sustainable atmosphere.  Bamboo towels, organic cotton bed sheets and lambswool rugs are all good examples of organic linens.

Not limited to neutral colors (although that choice creates a calm, soothing ambiance in your home), natural dyes are often used to create a wide range of colors from pastels to bolder tones.  Usually the texture is softer or smoother than non-organic materials, providing true comfort for your family.

Fabulous Organic Furnishings

Upholstered furniture and décor is made from organic fabrics, but be warned – to comply with local fire codes the upholstery may need to treated with a chemical fire retardant.  Ask the manufacturer if this is the case.

Wood furniture is another excellent choice.  High end pieces are made with solid wood or a combination of organically grown timbers pressed together to make a product similar to plywood.  Find out what type of adhesive was used to combine the timber and be sure that no other toxins are involved in the manufacturing process.

The Clean Cleaners

You might be surprised at the chemicals and toxins used to produce that “clean smell” of standard cleaning products.  Dangerous and unhealthy, most of the cleaners out there are as bad for your health as the dirt and bacteria might be.Pin It

Maybe you feel like your home isn’t really sparkling without that smell – but try organic cleaning products and you might be surprised.  A crisp, fully clean smell tends not to contain perfumes and artificial odors.  There is simply an absence of all that nasty stuff, allowing you to truly appreciate what’s underneath.

Natural cleaners are all over the store shelves, but watch for false claims.  Look for products with an ingredient list clearly stated and containing things you recognize.  Lemon and other citrus oils, peppermint and organic vinegar (also listed as acetic acid) are just a few.  Watch especially for a USDA Organic label certifying the brand and product.

With these three elements in your home – organic linen, organic furniture and organic cleaners – you can be assured of a better environment.  Home is where you should be most comfortable, and within these natural, healthy surroundings, you will experience  optimum comfort.

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