Top 10 Pure and Natural Gift List

Thinking about getting your loved one the best gift of the year, but want it to be chemical free, all natural, and good on the environment? Here's Organic Soul’s top 10 for pure and natural gifts.  While some of these items will soften the skin and help the person feel young, others will offer a symbolic charm to any house. Whichever one you choose, it’s sure to please for Christmas and the months that follow!

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Number 1. Big Dipper Wax Works

If you’re looking to brighten someone’s Christmas,  as well as offer a soothing, comforting scent to their home, try a Big Dipper Wax Works candle. These beeswax candles are infused with essential oils, making them an all natural and satisfying pick that’s great for the candle lover. These are naturally smokeless, have a longer burn time, and won’t drip, meaning they wont require clean up and will remain visually unobtrusive.

Number 2. WeWood Watch

Here’s a nice change of pace. WeWood Watches offer a unique and creative present for the holiday. Their watches are made from100 percent wood (some of it recycled, some of it new), and best of all, they plant a tree for every watch they sell. That makes these hand crafted watches a lucrative pick – you can know you’re doing good and it's sure to please the person who gets it. They are a bit on the expensive side, but they made a strong statement for the environment:

“The best time to plant a tree is twenty years ago. The second best time is now.”

Number 3. All Natural Candy

Another option is to get your loved one some all natural chocolates or candies. Not the fanciest present, sure, but if the holidays are the time of caloric overload and ever-constant snacking, they mine as well be healthy, all natural candies. The Natural Candy Store offers a huge selection of treats, and some are even holiday orientated. After perusing through their selection, I'm confident there's something sweet for everyone!

Number 4. From my Herb Garden

We did a review on From my Herb Garden not too long ago, and we remain thoroughly impressed with their products. From my Herb Garden makes great smelling, great feeling, and fantastically well-put together body care products. My personal favorite remains to be the Sweet Orange & Vanilla Body Butter – rub it on after a shower or bath, pat yourself dry, and you feel smooth and refreshed all day.

Number 5. Aromatherapy

Next on the list is the gift of aromatherapy. Whatever the scent – lavender, cinnamon, or Apple Blossom – aromatherapy can make a great gift. Either get them an essential oil do it yourself kit or try a ready made reed diffuser. Unlike fragranced conventional ‘air fresheners’, these will bring a homely and welcoming scent to the room.

>Number 6. Belle Terre Organic Soap

Another great option is to give them the gift you know they will use: organic soap. Using the cold press soap method, Belle Terre makes sure their soaps don’t dry out, and, more importantly, they make sure the soaps don’t dry you out. They have a number of great scents to choose from, and each are made with pure organic ingredients. These are also vegan and totally preservative free!

Number 7. Iris Flower

If you’re thinking about getting something more symbolic, consider an Iris flower. Meaning “rainbow” in Greek, Iris flowers are colorful, cheerful, and symbolize hope, friendship, wisdom, and good faith. They are easy to take care of with very little maintenance. They are available at most flower shops and even a few specialty stores.

Number 8. Organic, Fair Trade Tea

One of the best gifts this holiday, like every winter holiday, is some organic, fair trade tea. Tea has many benefits, a rich history, and getting a variety of flavors and style is a great gift for any tea lover. Consider getting a little gift basket together: some loose leaf organic tea, a small kettle or infuser, and a book on tea. It will make for a wonderful, healthy, and well-rounded gift!

Number 9. Natural Bath salts

To add to the theme of pure and natural aromatherapy, consider adding bath salts into the mix too. Bath salts offer a relaxing getaway that helps clear up the sinuses and ease tension from the holiday rumble. If you don’t want to try a ready made style bath salt, make your own – it is more personal and meaningful for the receiver. Then again, if that doesn’t seem like your thing, there are many great providers of bath salts you can find on Amazon or at your local health store.

Number 10. Sustainable Clothing

If you’re looking to get you loved ones something fashionable or authentically and ethically made, consider getting something like a Formalitee . They're a bit more expensive than regular pieces of clothing, but what you pay for is organic cotton, grown in the United States, and hand crafted in the United States. These are sure to please anyone who receives them!

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